​Boart launches new rock drill

Boart Longyear has released a new rock drill, the S250-M3, designed to cut noise levels.

Featuring advanced noise suppression and lower vibration “it represents a significant improvement over the existing S250 rock drill” and “improves drilling production and decreases fatigue to ears, hands, and feet,” Boart said.

The main airflow cylinder channel and the exhaust of the S250-M3 have been engineered to allow for better drill actuation.

The new design drives more of the drill’s energy into the rock face, reducing vibration and the amount of energy the driller’s body has to absorb.

“A drill operator stated that it was the first time he could feel his hands and feet after using a rock drill for a full shift,” John Nielson, global product manager at Boart Longyear, said.

“The S250-M3 reduces the noise level by 6 decibels, which results in half the noise.”

According to Boart the new drill shows a halving of noise levels, a 39 per cent increase in torque, and a gain of 15.24 cm in penetration per minute at 7.6 bar.

It also suffers from less wear due to decreased vibration, allowing the drill to operate longer with fewer repairs.

The S250-M3 has three main variations – jackleg, stoper, and sinker.

Its drill hex chuck ends are available in both 22 mm and 25 mm.

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