​Atlas Copco releases new drilling remote operator stations

Altas Copco has release new remote operator stations for surface drill rigs.

The system, dubbed BenchREMOTE, has been designed to allow operators to more safely, and can handle up to three rigs in parallel at once.

The new station removes operators from the risk of working close to unstable and hazardous benches and can be used up to 100 metres away from the drilling area, and up to 30 metres above the rig, as long as the operator has a direct line of sight with the rig.

If communication between the drill and the work station is lost the drill is programmed to shut down automatically.

However safety is not the only focus of the remote work station.

Atlas Copco product manager Mattias Hjerpe added “the BenchREMOTE can handle up to three SmartROC D65 rigs in parallel; this multiple the operator efficiency and was made possible by the full drill cycle automation”.

“Up to ten rigs can be pre-programmed in the operator station, which facilitates the planning process.”

The BenchREMOTE operator station can be installed in a vehicle, trailer, or container and all controls and screens are the same as in an actual cabin on drill rigs.

Communication between the station and the rigs is carried out over a closed WiFi network, making BenchREMOTE independent from local network infrastructure.

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