​Activists lock themselves to conveyors at Narrabri coal mine

Leard Forest Alliance activists have locked themselves to Whitehaven Coal’s Narrabri mine’s overland conveyors, in the second day of protests.

Yesterday, as part of its ‘Release the Bats’ movement, activists invaded Whitehaven Coal’s mines, chaining themselves to machinery and excavators.

In the first day of the action protestors locked themselves to a railway line inside the mine, and a massive excavator at Maules Creek.

Now today protestors Serenity Hill and Jamie Yarnald have locked themselves to a conveyor belt at the Narrabri underground coal mine.

They are calling on the mine to reduce its water usage, claiming that Whitehaven will deplete the groundwater aquifer by up to two meters if operations continue.

Police have reportedly arrived on site.

Speaking to a Whitehaven Coal spokesperson, they told Australian Mining "these protesters have illegally entered our site, they have interfered with our equipment, and they have physically intimated our people". 

"It’s not stopping us from getting on with the job at hand, but we absolutely support calls for tougher penalties for people that have no respect for the law, proper process and the right to an honest day’s work."

Protests have been an ongoing concern at the site for the last two years, with protestors having previously immobilised drill rigs and reportedly tampered with explosives on the site.

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