​100 BMA coal mine jobs to go at Crinum

BMA will cut 100 positions from its Crinum mine as it ramps down longwall development ahead of schedule.

Consultations are now being carried out with employees and contractors.

According to the miner “the decision follows a detailed review of the mine plan which has resulted in the early ramping down of the final longwall panel”.

The longwall panel was initially slated for extraction in 2016.

It came to this decision after examining a number of different factors, such as the analysis of the reserve depletion with the mine coming to the end of its reserve life.

BMA asset president Lucas Dow explained this ramp down of development will be carried out in two phases over the next six months, and will be completed by April next year.

He added that apart from the development work ramping down, BMA will continue to operate the Crinum mine as normal, stating that although the Gregory Crinum complex is nearing the end of its reserve life no decision has been made on the future of the mine.

Last year BMA called off the sale of the Crinum mine, after it failed to find a buyer for the operation.

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