Newcrest, Roy Hill among finalists for major METS collaboration award

METS Ignited has chosen the finalists for its annual Collaboration Award, which will take place at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) Gala Dinner on Wednesday October 31.

The finalists for the awards include several companies spread across four separate collaborative projects.

These include Unearthed and Newcrest Mining; Core Resources and Mineral Technologies (Downer Group); Magotteaux Australia, Newcrest Mining, Manta Control and Hydrix; and Roy Hill and Maptek.

Unearthed and Newcrest collaborated on automate online platform The Newcrest Crowd, which launched in August.

Core and Downer subsidiary Mineral Technologies joined up to release leaching technology known as the Toowong Process.

Magotteaux, Newcrest, Manta and Hydrix formed a large collaborative venture on the Pulp Chemistry Monitor (which was covered by Australian Mining earlier this year).

And finally, Roy Hill and Maptek collaborated on a deep learning intelligence program tailored towards making things easier for geologists.

METS Ignited chief executive officer Ric Gros said that judges chose the finalists based on how their projects contributed to a culture of collaboration within the mining ecosystem while achieving mutual business benefits.

“METS Ignited is committed to fostering ways to assist METS and mining companies to work together collaboratively towards common goals and to create step-change within the mining innovation ecosystem,” Gros said.

“I would like to congratulate our finalists on their submissions as they are demonstrating that collaboration is a key ingredient to success in the sector.”

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