New tech released to transform exploration data collection

Database services provider in Western Australia and Asia Pacific, Expedio recently launched its OCRIS suite of software products developed specifically for the mining and resources industry. The OCRIS suite allows fast and accurate data management while streamlining exploration data collection.

Based on OCRIS Logix, a set of rules combined with a stringent workflow procedure to ensure accuracy and compliance each step of the way, the new software has been developed by Philip Little who used his years of hands-on data management service delivery experience to create a product that was easy to use, compliant and produced always accurate data.

According to Mr Little, mining and exploration companies spend millions of dollars on exploration, but securing finance for their projects could be difficult if their data is not reliable. He adds that investing in accurate and compliant data using OCRIS costs less than one per cent of the amount to drill a hole.

Expedio managing director Lara Groves said this end-to-end system maximises the value of data derived from exploration by enabling the collection of JORC compliant data, which gives financiers and brokers confidence, and simplifies the process for miners to move from exploration to production and then expenditure to revenue.

OCRIS offers a scalable solution to ensure rapid, accurate data and covers all stages of company growth and all phases of exploration and mining projects at multiple mine sites around the world.

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