New report on NSW minerals industry

THE minerals industry and investors are being encouraged to read the NSW Minerals Industry Annual 2006-07.

The publication provides a comprehensive overview of the minerals industry across the State and is a must read for anyone in the industry or wishing to invest in NSW.

Produced by the Department of Primary Industries, the annual provides an invaluable snapshot of the industry and includes information on production, major exports, mineral exploration, environmental management, mine safety initiatives, new projects and future industry trends.

The MIA also provides reference information on government and industry organisations. This thorough and wide ranging guide is an important resource tool for the industry both in Australia and overseas.

Key facts:

  • The NSW mining industry provides around 20,000 direct jobs and at least three times that number indirectly through related services and flow on industries.
  • The value of NSW mineral production was estimated at around $12.3 billion dollars in 2006/07.
  • Of this total, the value of coal production was around $8.1 billion dollars – or about 66% of the State’s total value of mineral production.

The NSW Minerals Industry Annual can be purchased through the DPI website or by contacting the Department’s Maitland office on 02 4931 6666.

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