New modular impact beds for load zones

Flexco have added modular impact beds to their line of load zone solutions.

The beds are designed with universal components for effective load zone protection. They feature a 600mm sectional design, enabling users to choose the layout of their load zone depending on application-specific performance requirements.

Kevin Fales, BCP marketing specialist for Flexco said, “Users can choose to use an all-bar section for high impact areas, or a slider impact section, where lower impact resistance or sealing is required.”

He added that along with total design control, the beds can also be paired side by side with each other to match specific load zone requirements.

The beds also have slide-out service in three pieces, offering service to each section right at the conveyor, complete with long-lasting 25mm UHMW bars that are designed for use on reversing belts.

Universal components and field adjustable trough angles reduce lead time and make the beds easier to service.

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