New mine ventilation solutions to benefit site planning

Maptek and VUMA, a subsidiary of Bluhm Burton Engineering (BBE), have partnered to create a mine design and ventilation solution system.

The collaboration will mainly focus on allowing data transfer between Maptek’s Vulcan mine planning software and VUMA ventilation simulation software.

The VUMA software is designed for contaminant tracking, mine ventilation, refrigeration, and cooling networks. It examines the heat engineering balance on all factors that contribute to heat load, including equipment, advance rates, heat from broken rock, and mine design.

Vulcan software provides underground mine planning, design, and scheduling tools, enabling detailed design, survey, and operational data to be transferred to VUMA software. This enhances the speed and efficiency for analysis and planning around refrigeration and ventilation in underground mines and further allows ventilation factors to be considered earlier in the mine planning process.

Maptek Africa general manager Nick Venter said the integration of VUMA with Vulcan provides benefits to mine planning departments.

“It will allow mine survey and design data to be used in ventilation and cooling analysis, without replication of data, and ensures accurate, current representations of the mine surface can be applied to ventilation planning,” he said.

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