New Maptek product CaveLogic offers productive 3D panel caving

Tech company Maptek, a software innovations provider with over 40 years of experience, has unveiled a new product called CaveLogic, designed to allow mining engineers to panel caves in a cost-effective and efficient way using 3D visualisation techniques.

CaveLogic makes use of dynamic analysis systems to reduce the risks associated with panel caving (also known as block caving); it generates multiple scenarios showing geotechnical limitations and visually identifying the easiest route for underground mine planning. CaveLogic’s dynamic analysis is also able to take the economics of the environment in combination with the scans to generate efficient production plans that are suitable to individual customer need.

This can go as far as determining pit feasibility, whether underground or open cut, greenfield or brownfield.

“The Maptek solution quickly and easily simulates multiple scenarios for identifying the best option,’ said Maptek South America vice president, Marcelo Arancibia.

“Dynamic analysis using CaveLogic considers the economic environment and generates practical production plans quickly, easily, accurately and interactively.

“Unlike other panel caving systems, results are readily visualised for determining sequencing and are auditable for confident decision support.”

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