Komatsu launches new wheel loaders with low emission focus

Komatsu has launched two general purpose wheel loaders that promise to reduce fuel consumption by up to six per cent when compared with predecessors.

The WA380-8 and WA470-8 both use Tier 4 engines designed to deliver lower fuel consumption than prior models.

Operators can switch between an economy and power modes to maximise fuel efficiency for general work and meet the requirements of heavy work. In addition to this, the vehicles also include variable displacement pump technology to ensure precise hydraulic flow and an automatic idle shutdown.

“Our large capacity torque converters give greater productivity and efficiency in tough conditions,” said Richard Feehely, Komatsu Australia national business manager – quarries, applications.

“Our enhanced torque converter lockup helps further reduce fuel consumption in load-and-carry and some loading applications by directly transmitting more engine power to the drivetrain,” said Richard Feehely, Komatsu Australia national business manager – quarries, applications.

“This works in conjunction with Komatsu SmartLoader Logic to eliminate clutch engagement shock in lockup mode.”

Komatsu’s SmartLoader Logic engine system is intended to adapt engine torque to the machine’s demands, such as V-shape loading or driving with an empty bucket, further improving productivity and fuel efficiency.

“The engines on both loaders incorporate Komatsu’s electronic control system performing high-speed processing of all signals from sensors installed in the vehicle, providing total control of equipment across all conditions of use,” said Feehely.

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