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New CSIRO mining survey calls on all Australians


Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, is calling on all Australians to take part in a major mining survey.

In partnership with data science company Voconiq, the CSIRO study aims to explore the attitudes of Australians towards the mining industry today.

The survey encourages all Australians, not just those in the mining industry, to share their views on mining, its role in the national economy, supporting the world in the energy transition, global development and in producing materials for low emission technologies.

Previous CSIRO surveys on attitudes towards mining were conducted in 2014 and 2017, which CSIRO director of mineral resources Rob Hough said provided important insights.

“Mining plays a crucial role in producing the materials necessary for the transition to low emission technologies, global electrification and global development in general, and conversations generated from surveys like this will help shape the industry’s future, balancing its growth with community expectations,” he said.

“Your insights will be instrumental in guiding our ongoing research.”

CSIRO said it will use the results from the survey to inform future mining related research initiatives that lead to public reports and academic publications.

The 2014 survey of 5121 people found Australians consider mining to be worthwhile once all the associated benefits are taken into account.

In the follow-up 2017 survey, 8020 Australians participated, finding most Australians accept mining and hold positive views about its role in contributing to the nation’s economy.

However, it also found a certain level of distrust in the industry, with participants feeling like they didn’t have a voice in shaping mining practices.

“In Australia in recent years, the types of conversations we’ve had about mining haven’t always been constructive,” CSIRO social scientist Kieren Moffat said at the time the results were announced.

“What’s been lacking in these discussions – about a resource base that’s managed on behalf of Australian citizens – is the citizens’ voice. We want to promote a conversation about mining that goes a lot deeper and brings that voice directly to the table.”

The survey opened today, and all Australians 18 years and over who have an opinion on mining are invited to participate. The survey closes on April 11 2024.

To participate, visit:

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