New core library opens in Adelaide

The South Australian Government has followed through on the election promise of a new drill core library, opened at Tonsley yesterday.

The Core Reference Library will house more than 7.5 million metres of drill core, as well an extensive data metallogenica collection.

South Australian Chamber of Minerals and Energy (SACOME) chief Jason Kuchel said bringing together South Australia’s drill core in the new library would be a boost on ongoing development in the sector.

“Tonsley [is] the perfect location with its focus on mining and energy education and services,” he said.

Kuchel said that the vast majority of major deposits are discovered by junior explorers with minimal resources.

“The availability of an extensive drill core library is immensely valuable – and an integral part of the government support that helps make our State so attractive to resources focused investors and explorers.”

SACOME president and Tonsley development steering committee chair Terry Burgess was present at the opening, and said the old drill core library had been instrumental in discoveries such as Olympic Dam and the OZminerals Prominent Hill deposit.

“In a clear illustration of the value of the facility, OZ Minerals has just released its annual results which revealed $24 million of royalties paid to South Australia over the 2015 reporting year,” Burgess said.

“That one year of royalties, from one mine alone, represents the cost of this entire new facility.

“Future discoveries will generate royalties for the State which will pay for the core library time and time again.”

Prior to the opening of the new facility core was stored at four locations around Adelaide. The new facility has capacity for another 20 years-worth of exploration.

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