New Century continues ramp-up with processing upgrades

New Century Resources has delivered improvements in metal production rates and a reduction in operating costs at the Century operation by incorporating the full cleaner circuit at its zinc processing plant.

As part of the ramp-up to 12 million tonnes per annum, New Century has initiated slurry commissioning and optimisation of cleaners 2B, 3B and 4B.

The early-stage performance of the upgraded cleaner circuit has generated a step change in plant performance, with operations achieving a seven-day moving average zinc recovery of 52 per cent and shift results up to 55 per cent in September 2019.

From May to August 2019, Century increased average daily zinc metal production by more than 30 per cent and decreased cash costs by around 24 per cent.

The upgraded cleaner circuit has also improved Century zinc concentrate product quality, with operations now regularly achieving average zinc grades of 49–50 per cent zinc.

Optimisation of the cleaner circuit is anticipated to continue for approximately the next two months. Based on further improvements so far in September, Century operational performance is expected to continue to advance.

All of the Century site’s concentrate has been sold to date and all forecast production for 2019 is contracted and scheduled for delivery.

New Century anticipates achieving mid-range of guidance for the September 2019 quarter, producing 23,000 tonnes to 29,000 tonnes of zinc metal at C1 costs of US$0.95-$1.07 ($1.38 – $1.56) a pound.

The company project a December 2019 quarter guidance of 27,000 to 33,000 tonnes zinc metal in concentrate with cash costs of US$0.87 to $0.98 a pound.

New Century’s planned ramp-up to 12 million tonnes per annum operations during the 2020 financial years remains both on schedule and budget.

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