New Century continues ramp up with new scavenger circuit

New Century Resources’ upgraded scavenger circuit upgrade has been delivered to the Century zinc operation in Queensland.

The scavenger circuit was delivered to the site, which is 250 kilometres north-west of Mt Isa, on budget and three weeks ahead of schedule.

Its timely arrival has allowed the full capacity of this section of the processing plant to be incorporated into operations for the first time.

The upgrade will increase the scavenger floatation capacity by 100 per cent, further increasing zinc recoveries and throughput.

Its arrival is the second milestone for New Century’s ramp-up to 12 million tonnes per annum throughput for the 2020 financial year.

The third and final ramp-up breakthrough will be upgrading the rougher circuit, which is on track to be completed in March 2020.

In September, New Century started the ramp-up, initiating slurry commissioning and upgrading its cleaner circuit, improving zinc concentrate quality, helping the company regularly achieve zinc grades of 49 to 50 per cent zinc.

“The upgraded scavenger circuit is anticipated to provide continued improvement to overall plant performance with the increase in residence time providing further optimisation of throughput, recoveries and concentrate quality,” New Century stated.

“With recent operational rates approaching nine million tonnes per annum, the 100 per cent increase in scavenger capacity will provide substantial flexibility in this area of the plant, noting that only an additional 25 per cent throughput is required to bring operations to 12 million tonnes per annum.”

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