Mothballed coal mine to restart

 Crusader Coal will restart Solid Energy’s former Terrace mine in New Zealand.

Solid Energy originally sold the Terrace underground coal mine to small private company Crusader Coal at the end of 2010, after it placed the mine on care and maintenance in June 2009.

Bernie Lambley, a director of Crusader, said at the time of the transfer that the company was excited by the prospect of reopening the mine.

"Until then, we only wish to say that Crusader Coal is owned by a small team of successful underground coal mining professionals who are looking forward to reopening the mine and participating in the local community. Given the opportunity and the support of the local community, Crusader Coal is confident in its ability to successfully reopen and safely operate the Terrace Coal Mine," he stated during the purchasing agreements.

Lambley has now stated that Crusader plans to open the mine in a few months, to ready it for full production, according to

Around five staff would redevelop the operation until it reached full production status, after which the workforce would increase to around 12 employees.

A small excavator with a cutting head will reportedly be used for tunnelling instead of explosives.

The miner has already created a decade long mining plan.

Terrace production peaked in 2002/03 at slightly more than 73 000 tonnes per year, however this dropped to 45 000 annually from 1999 until operations ceased.

The mine is located on the west coast of New Zealand and has reserves of approximately 700 000 tonnes.

Lambley formerly worked for Xstrata at its Oaky North and Southland operations. 


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