More women in mining

THE number of women in the Queensland mining industry has increased to around 7% of the total workforce, a recent survey has found.

While total employment amongst Queensland Resource Council (QRC) member companies grew by 11% in the past 12 months, female employment grew by almost 16%, the QRC survey found.

The figures show that women make up 7% of those traditionally male-dominated roles.

The industry is aiming for women to make up 12% of non-traditional roles by 2020.

The QRC’s Women in Resources Action Plan, now in its second year, has been set up to achieve this goal.

“With the current skills shortage and Queensland’s resources sector needing 15,000 extra workers by 2015, we cannot afford to miss out on the talent and skills of women,” QRC chief executive Michael Roche said.

Key contact:

Michael Roche

Queensland Resources Council

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