More strikes at BMA mines

Following on from a total ban on overtime, unions have pledged to continue industrial action against BMA over rostering and pay requirements.

The Single Bargaining Unit (SBA), made up of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union (AMWU), Construction, Forestry, Mining and Engineering Union (CFMEU) and Electrical Trades Union (ETU) has accused BMA of ignoring important requests.

Over 2800 members went on strike throughout June and AMWU state secretary Rohan Webb told Central Queensland News members were frustrated at the reaction from the resource giant.

“Workers also voted to increase the length and frequency of shift stoppages – they want to crank it up a notch,” Webb said.

On Tuesday the SBU said 24-hour strikes were a possibility because workers are not getting the results they need from current industrial action.

Last week BMA stood by comments that industrial action was unnecessary because progress was being made in negotiations with the SBU.

“BMA is continuing to meet and negotiate with the unions and we believe good progress is being made,” a company spokeswoman said.

But Webb said through the 26 days negotiations have been held, little progress had been made on the core issues for the new enterprise agreement.

CFMEU district vice president Glenn Power told Central Queensland News the unions will continue to meet with the company to try and make progress.

He said industrial action was a last resort and the SBU had been forced to seek the protected stoppages to report back to the more than 4000 union members.


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