More jobs released in QLD’s resources sector

One new job was created every hour in Queensland’s resources sector last month. This amounted to an additional 4400 jobs, with more than 1400 vacancies still advertised online.

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) chief executive Ian Macfarlane said, “Over the last 12 months, the resources sector has created more than 8400 jobs – the equivalent of one job an hour.”

Macfarlane said the resources sector supported one in every eight jobs in Queensland.

He highlighted the importance of predictable laws so that more investment and exploration can be carried out and develop Queensland’s resources.

“The world wants what we have, particularly with the expansion of renewables, electric vehicles and infrastructure,” said Macfarlane.

“We are determined to work with the government for even more jobs, exports and royalties.”

Jobs portal SEEK last month reported that the mining, resources and energy sector released 32 per cent more job advertisements in June 2018 compared to the same period last year.

Annual job ads in the mining, resources and energy sector has grown for 11 consecutive months, according to SEEK.

The mining, resources and energy industry has taken top position for annual job growth over the past year.

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