Minnovare partnership with Maptek enhances drill and blast results

Minnovare and Maptek have partnered to deliver streamlined drill and blast solutions to underground miners.

The two companies have linked Minnovare’s Production Optimiser system with Maptek Vulcan design and modelling software to streamline the connection between design and as-built for more accurate outcomes.

Minnovare developed the Production Optimiser in collaboration with Gold Fields and Evolution Mining and released the system in June 2018.

Northern Star Resources has also signed a collaboration agreement with Minnovare to take up the technology in August last year.

The Vulcan-Production Optimiser combination enables ring design data to be exported from Vulcan and uploaded to the Production Optimiser software interface CORE through Maptek-provided scripting.

Maptek develops technology and systems that help integrate and streamline mining processes into a single source of technical data and inform decision making.

This combination helps ensure that drilling follows design. It also reduces the need for re-work, as feedback on accuracy and compliance is available to both the rig operator and the technical engineering team on Vulcan.

The Production Optimiser also combines advanced rig alignment hardware with drill data capture software, reducing blasthole deviation and average rig setup times.

This leads to optimum charge patterns and blasts, with a host of flow-on productivity benefits for an operation, including improved ore recovery, reduced average dilution and a faster stope cycle time.

Minnovare analysis of in-hole survey data shows that circumstances prior to drilling account for up to 70 per cent of blasthole deviation, contrary to the prevailing industry perception that in-hole deviation was the primary contributor of blasthole deviation.

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