Mining top industry for job ad growth in 2018

Mining, resources and energy has been cited in Seek’s latest employment report as the “star performer” for new job ad growth in 2018, with listings up 32 per cent on the previous year.

The report surveyed year-on-year job advertisement growth across 29 different sectors for an overall national average of 8.6 per cent growth, as well as a 3.9 per cent boost to the average advertised salary across all jobs.

While mining, resources and energy showed the biggest annual leap among the surveyed industries, it was the fourth largest contributor to the overall employment market, being pipped by trades and services, information and communication technology (ICT), and healthcare.

The four largest mining states – Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia – all posted annual job growth, although New South Wales showed the smallest growth among all states and territories.

Western Australia recorded 15 per cent growth, followed by South Australia and Queensland with 9 per cent and New South Wales with 5 per cent. The highest job ad growth was in Tasmania, however, at 25 per cent.

The national average salary for mining, energy and resources stood at $123,000 in the December quarter.

Seek ANZ managing director Kendra Banks said there was a trend towards increasing demand for people skilled in technology and artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

“It is good news for jobseekers that the 2018 employment market was stronger than the year prior,” she said. “More encouraging is that growth in the employment market has come from a diverse range of industries.

“There is demand for candidates that can carry out highly technical roles to those who can support the frontline service needs of our population, such as in healthcare roles.”

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