Mining strategy for Dubbo as 1600 new jobs expected

The Dubbo City Mining Growth Strategy has received a leg-up from the state government, with $80,000 worth of funding directed to the project.

The plan to turn Dubbo into a "premier mining services centre" is something the council has already begun work on, with the strategy expected to go on display in early 2014.

And the grant by the state government means all but $26,350 of the $106,350 cost of producing the strategy is covered.

Dubbo Council’s economic development officer, Josie Howard, said the plan will enable the Orana region to better cope with the mining boom expected in the Central West, The Daily Liberal reported.

"With great connectivity through transport and technical infrastructure, a ready and skilled workforce, existing stable economic foundations, and a solid industry base, Dubbo is very well situated to benefit economically from these types of projects," Howard said.

"The strategy will help ensure the city makes the most of the opportunities and that our social economy is well serviced to manage the changes associated with the potential upcoming developments."

Howard said discussions with stakeholders in industries such as mining, manufacturing, health and city infrastructure are underway.

"Council has also engaged research and statistical analyst professionals to develop project scenarios including the impacts associated with mining developments, and to assist with data modelling to represent future mining growth in the region and the city, including its potential effects on the city and city services," Howard said.

"Once this stage is complete, council can then strategise how to best manage the likely and/or potential impacts of mining on the city and prepare the draft Dubbo City Mining Growth Strategy."

Dubbo MP Troy Grant welcomed the grant.

"This is great news not only for Dubbo but the region as this funding will enable council to investigate the development and expansion of the mining industry in the Dubbo local government area and the wider Orana region," he said.

Meanwhile, a study undertaken by Regional Development Australia highlights the importance of a mining plan for the region, with predictions Orana can expect the creation of 2600  jobs in the next 18 months.

Vacancies are expected in mining and building and construction as projects start to take shape in the region.

RDA Orana chair John Walkom said there will be 800 new mining jobs for Mudgee and 880 for the Tomingley gold and Dubbo Zirconia mine projects.

"In the building and construction sector, which is linked to mining and resource, there are also 1300 jobs," he said.

Walkom said for every new job, there could be up to three jobs created.

"This will increase the income and wealth within our community and region," Walkom said.

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