Mining sector welcomes new leadership in government

The mining sector has responded to the recent change in Australia’s leadership that sees Scott Morrison’s appointment as Prime Minister.

Queensland Resources Council chief executive Ian Macfarlane said, “Scott Morrison knows what makes regional Queensland tick, and he understands the importance of our most valuable industries – like resources.

“As Treasurer he’s seen the revenue roll in from our resources sector.”

Macfarlane highlighted Morrison’s multiple visits to “some of our resources heartlands” in Central and North Queensland, adding that, “We know he’s a fan of the coal industry, which he proved on the floor of Parliament.”

The QRC’s warm welcome was also extended to the former Resources Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Josh Frydenberg.

Meanwhile, the Minerals Council of Australia emphasised the need for a stable government and economic reforms to Australia.

“This includes a competitive investment environment and less red tape,” said chief executive Tania Constable.

Constable underlined the need to combat skills shortages and high input costs in the evolving mining equipment, technology and services (METS) and mining sectors.

She called for more engineers, tradespeople and geologists to the sectors’ employment field.

Constable said, “We will also need many highly-skilled young people to fill the jobs of tomorrow including drone pilots, data specialists, environmental and social scientists, because our mining industry is rapidly adopting new technologies, demanding a different skills mix for a future workforce.”

She emphasised the need for government to lower business input costs such as electricity, and to ensure a flexible workplace relations system.

The QRC echoed the priority of keeping power costs low, saying, “We look forward to the new leadership team turning their attention to implementing a policy to provide affordable and reliable energy for households and industry.”

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