Mining moves forward with ITM

ITM is finishing another year of providing high quality, reliable undercarriage components and services to the mining industry, overcoming COVID-19 to emerge with new ideas for the future.

In a turbulent world impacted by COVID-19, Australia’s mining industry has weathered the storm that 2020 has brought with it.

Despite these challenges, ITM’s mining division has remained on course, providing undercarriage solutions across Australia from its Western Australia and Queensland facilities, and abroad.

ITM Mining is focussed on supplying undercarriages for various mining machines, including shovels, dozers and drills. It offers both parts and end-to-end undercarriage solutions.

Reflecting on 2020, ITM Mining managing director Adrian Battley says it has been a successful year for the company and he is optimistic about what’s to come.

“Business has been great – better than ever in fact,” he tells Australian Mining. “We had some of our biggest months during that COVID period.”

While some companies with manufacturing facilities in Europe have been forced to shut down, ITM has factories located around the world, enabling the company to maintain high stock levels.

“Because we have multiple factories in multiple locations around the world, we’ve had back-ups to tap into getting stock – and since we had a large mining stockholding in Australia, we’ve been able to supply our customers with the stock they needed,” Battley says.

Throughout this period, ITM has continued to look for ways to innovate. This year, the company has introduced modular changeouts for its undercarriage track frames.

“We’re buying our own exchange shovel frames,” Battley says. “That’s been the biggest shift for us. We’ve also continued to grow our exchange dozer frame program by adding additional exchange units.”

This provides the customer one point of contact for the entire job – delivering end-to-end quality management, improving safety and productivity while at the same time reducing costs.

ITM Mining is specialist in
undercarriages for mining machines.


“For us, it’s all about the value that we can give to our customers.  The significant cost savings are not just achieved when you buy our product upfront. We can deliver even greater value when we manage your undercarriage with you over the product life,” Battley says.

The company is also committed to having an even greater presence onsite and plans to bring the installation process in house.

“At the moment, we require external companies to install our products. We want to be able to be the ones installing those parts. We design, manufacture, distribute and service the product, but we want to close that loop and be able to say it’s truly end-to-end,” Battley says.

He adds that he’s seen a clear move in the industry back to focussing quality over cheaper alternatives.

“This has become paramount during 2020 as reduced workforces and fewer people allowed on site make it more worthwhile to invest in long-lasting components that are less likely to break down,” Battley says.

In its push to continually innovate, ITM is developing real-time data solutions for its undercarriages, which will be available in the coming years.

Battley says without smart technologies, undercarriages would continue to require physical inspections. 

“We see great opportunities in smart technologies, which we see bringing significant productivity benefits to our customers. For example, having real-time data to monitor your product remotely is key,” he says. “It’s still very early days, but it’s definitely an area we’re investing in.”

Battley is looking towards the future with confidence.

“The team at ITM lives and breathes undercarriage,” he says. “We love making our customers’ lives easier by simplifying the science of undercarriage.

“We particularly love the science of our work – a system which may look uncomplicated, but it’s made up of many different components that all work together to create the most streamlined, powerful undercarriage.

“We know as a specialist undercarriage provider, our offering to the local Australian mining industry is compelling. As a team, we see many opportunities – the future is looking good.”

This article also appears in the December issue of Australian Mining.

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