Mining leads Australia’s job growth

The mining, resources and energy industry has joined healthcare and IT as one of the top three drivers of job ad growth in Australia.

Recruitment portal SEEK made the claim in its employment report for October 2018, which recorded national year-on-year job advertisement growth of 2.8 per cent.

The latest Mining and Resources Job Index report from agency DFP Resources has also delivered good news for mining, which recorded a rebound for jobs growth in October after September’s anomalous fall.

A reported increase in mining and resources sector jobs of 1.8 per cent offset the 1.3 per cent fall recorded in September (the first dip in 16 months), suggesting a return to health for mining employment.

The DFP report referred to September’s dip as an “aberration” rather than the start of a negative trend. Its National Job Index now stands at a record high of 94.14, the highest recorded level since February 2014.

Across the states, Western Australia mirrored the national trend, rebounding from a fall in September to a record high of 99.28. Conversely, Queensland’s demand fell by 3.7 per cent in October and 4.4 per cent over the past six months but remained up 10.8 per cent year on year.

DFP suggested this may be due to employer caution around recent “volatility” in the coal sector.

“Coal prices are high and it may be that employers are treading cautiously wanting to see evidence of sustained improvement before they return to the employment market,” the report stated.

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