Miners hit out at rate hike

NORTH Queensland miners are up in arms over local government rate increases.

The North Queensland Miners Association (NQMA) has joined local miners in a protest meeting with Etheridge Shire Council following fears that mining rates will rise dramatically across the state.

The Association, acting on behalf of members in the Etheridge Shire, northern Queensland, has objected to the Shire’s mining rates increases at a council meeting.

Association president Ralph De Lacey said the rate increase was higher than the top rate levied in Etheridge Shire.

The Association is concerned that the council’s minimum rate that will hurt small lease holders in remote areas of Etheridge Shire, De Lacey said.

The rate rise follows Queensland local governments concerns of facing higher infrastructure costs, less economic benefits than in previous booms, and widespread community disruption.

The concerns were voiced at the Local Government Association of Queensland’s 111th annual conferences at the Gold Coast.

Key contact:

Ralph De Lacey

NQMA President

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