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Minerals exploration myths busted


Resources Victoria has released the first instalment of a minerals exploration video series helping to explain important and sometimes misunderstood aspects of the state’s resources sector.

Minerals exploration and mining are often confused. Though both are essential stages along the path to developing a resource, the process and scale are very different.

As minerals exploration activity ramps up in the coming decades to meet the world’s growing needs, it is important people stay informed on the realities of the sector.

In Minerals Exploration Explained, Resources Victoria asked a Victorian minerals explorer to outline what they do, the techniques they use, how they select a site and how it is restored.

“Much of regional Victoria is subject to a minerals exploration licence so we wanted to produce something to help explain the process and be clear it’s very different to mining,” Resources Victoria chief executive officer Matt Vincent said.

“Exploration is about confirming what minerals may be present in an area and whether development is a commercial option – the vast majority of exploration activity in Victoria does not lead to mining.”

Mineral explorers use low-impact methods to understand local geology and look for evidence of minerals over a large area, then typically focus activities on a smaller zone.

It typically involves mapping, water and soil sample testing, surveying the ground from the surface or air and targeted drilling.

If an exploration licence is granted and a commercially viable deposit identified, a separate process toward mining would involve environmental assessment and extensive local engagement.

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