Miner suffers serious facial burns

The Queensland Department of Mines and Energy (DME) has released a safety bulletin urging mines to colour code all valves and pipes after a miner received serious burns to his face and eyes as a result of an uncontrolled release from a pressurised line.

The worker was in the process of packing up after a 12 hour shift. He disconnected a pressurised fluid-filled line without dissipating the pressure first. The worker, who was not wearing safety goggles at the time, removed the staple while the hose was still under pressure, causing the fluid to spit in his face.

Initial first-aid treatment was carried out by flushing the injured worker’s eyes with water.

He was subsequently treated by paramedics. Fortunately, he did not lose his eyesight.

Following the incident the DME has recommended all mines install 3-way valves for isolation and de-pressurisation of fluid lines as well as reinforce the requirement for, and re-emphasise the importance of wearing PPE. For the full list of recommendations, click here.

Tim Watson

Inspector of Mines

07 4967 0868

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