Miner pleads guilty to drunken rampage

A 40 year-old underground miner has pleaded guilty to a drunken rampage across Emerald, Queensland.

Kenneth Steve Kersnovske has been sentenced to two suspended gaol terms, 18 months probation and was ordered to pay close to $1800, according to CQ News.

It reportedly began on 23 May when Kersnovkse, affected by alcohol, entered the office of a dentist.

“After a short time he was asked to leave the store as he had no business being there and was affected by alcohol,” prosecuting sergeant Robyn Shapcott told the court.

She explained that as he left, Kersnovske grabbed a boxed business stamp, re-entered the premises and then threw it at the businessman, hitting him in the face.

Shortly after this, the miner went into the Blue Dolphin Café on Clermont St and started yelling and upsetting those in the café.

He was repeatedly asked to leave, and after ignoring requests he approached a 70 year-old male patron and proceed to kiss him on the face and lips, Shapcott said.

Kersnovske left after further abusing the café’s staff and customers.

He was later found by police on Borilla St.

The man then made punching gestures towards police officers, and a fight began as the officers tried to arrest him.

When the officers finally got him in the car, Kersnovkse broke two door handles and then threw them at the head of the police officer driving the car.

As police tried to remove the man from the car at the Police Station, he kicked an officer in the chest through the open car door.

The man was eventually escorted to the watchouse, where he later refused an interview.

Kersnovske’s barrister, Jeff Clarke, described his client as a “functioning alcoholic”.

Clarke went on to say the man’s previous convictions all happened when he was “very drunk”, adding that Kersnovske was ashamed of his actions and had not drunk since the incident.

“He has a problem with alcoholism, which does not excuse his behaviours, but provides a context for it to occur,” Clarke stated.

“He fully appreciates he needs to stop drinking and has taken extensive counselling to do so.”

Image: Emerald, GoogleMaps

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