Mine Manager of the Year Finalist: Terry O’Brien

Terry O’Brien, mine manager of Centennial Coal’s Springvale Coal Mine, is a finalist in this year’s awards for his continued effort and dedication towards improving the quality of his mine.

O’Brien, with the help of his team, has achieved fabulous success including innovative health and safety, community partnership and environmental initiatives.

O’Brien has shown excellent leadership skills over the last year, evidenced by the fact that his team at Springvale Mine are finalists in a number of categories.

Headed by O’Brien, the team at Springvale Coal successfully addressed the problems they were having with the old style ventilation doors on site.

In 2005, a new ventilation system was commissioned which effectively increased the pressure in areas of the mine that previously did not exist.

The doors were known to slam shut, which concerned O’Brien as many employees using the doors were often working alone.

O’Brien headed a consultation workshop that allowed the free flow of ideas and innovative solutions.

From that process, a design was established and implemented onsite.

Now the door allows for safe passage for stretcher bearers and easy break of pressure by using a levered door opener.

Springvale Mine has a reputation for having some of the most difficult mining conditions for an underground coal mine in NSW. However, even when faced with difficult conditions, O’brien has still managed to lead hi s team to great success.

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