MICROMINE adds standard to tech solutions

MICROMINE has integrated the International Rock Excavation Data Exchange Standard (IREDES) with its latest Pitram fleet management and mine control solution and Micromine 3D mine design and exploration solution.

This makes the company one of only nine globally to integrate its products with IREDES, which will streamline data exchange between machinery and office IT systems.

IREDES removes the e-language barriers that often exist between machinery products and office-based software systems, according to chief technology officer Ivan Zelina.

This IREDES integration was prioritised to provide customers with easier, more streamlined mine digitalisation processes.

“IREDES provides a standardised information exchange interface, which allows different machinery databases, simulation tools and other enterprise level software to exchange data and information,” Zelina said.

“This avoids the need to develop and install individual and expensive software workarounds and development projects, and also streamlines and enhances data sharing and reporting.

“In our Micromine product, for example, a ring design can be easily converted to an IREDES file format so that it can be accessed using other software and systems.”

A streamlined process such as this will reduce the time and cost of interface development during products and systems installation and maintenance.

Instead, customers can focus on using information to enhance their business processes and outcomes.

IREDES uses the eXtensible markup language (XML) and builds on it through XML schemas, which set hierarchy and data exchange parameters. The information is then transferred using XML data sets, readily accessed by users and transferred between programs.

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