MICROMINE integrates in push for mining digitisation

Mining software company MICROMINE believes the integration of the company’s services with third-party systems is a key part of advancing mining technology.

The company said it prided itself on allowing its software to integrate with third-party systems to benefit mining companies.

This includes MICROMINE’s fleet management system Pitram, which allows third-party software to retrieve its data without access to the Pitram database through Pitram Restful Integration Services (PRIS).

The company’s Geobank Mobile data management solution is another example of this as it can be integrated with third-party hardware such as barcode scanners, GPS, DSLR cameras and magnetic susceptibility devices.

Such third-party integration is becoming increasingly common in the tech industry as a means of improving efficiency.

For example, Snowden’s resource estimation tool Supervisor has added integration foe Micromine software users to allow them to directly export variogram parameters.

“Whilst we would love everyone to use only Micromine, we know there will be preferred solutions for certain applications, so it is in everyone’s interests for us to enable the efficient transfer of data between packages,” said Micromine product strategy manager Mark Gabbitus.

“We have always had this approach to data integration and that is why Micromine has been the market leader in this space for many years.”

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