METS Ignited trains for the future

METS Ignited has held its first workshop facilitated by Kylah Morrison in South Australia.

METS Ignited appointed Morrison as the leader of a new skills and innovation program aimed to maximise the impact of Australian research into global mining.

METS Ignited is part of the Australian Government’s industry growth centres initiative from the Department of Industry, Science and Resources, and has the aim to improve the global competitiveness and productivity of the Australian mining equipment, technology and services (METS) sector.

The first of these workshops was held in South Australia, hosted by the university of Adelaide in partnership with the PRIF Mining Consortium and the ARC training centre for integrated operations for complex resources.

“This first workshop at the university of Adelaide proved that we are on the right track in identifying potential pathways for releasing stranded research and (this) is just the beginning,” Morrison said in an announcement.

The first workshop involved leading researchers from ARC and PRIF digital tech speeches on their work.

“This new project is very promising and builds on the work METS Ignited has already delivered. We are already looking forward to the next workshop,” Morrison said.

The company wants to release any stranded research within the sector, in hopes of industry professionals utilising it.

Morrison will continue to lead a series of workshops across Australia, collaborating with researchers and their industry partners to identify pathways for maximising impact.

METS Ignited chief executive officer Adrian Beer said research is critical in innovating within the resources sector.

“It was extremely exciting to uncover the impressive achievements of these two research organisations,” Beer said.

“I am delighted to see the success of this new program which recognises the massive potential within Australia’s research sector.”

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