How the Melbourne Cup is made

The 2018 Melbourne Cup trophy has been made with gold from Evolution Mining’s Mt Rawdon mine in Queensland.

The cup contains 44 hand-spun pieces of 18-carat gold and took around 250 production hours to make.

The cup’s producer’s sourced the gold at the ABC Refinery. It is the third consecutive year that ABC Refinery has teamed with Evolution to produce the cup.

Evolution Mining chairman Jake Klein said it would be “a real thrill to know that Australia has stopped to watch horses from around the world compete for a trophy with its origins near Mt Perry within the North Burnett Regional Council area”.

The metal was first cast as a doré bar which was then refined to achieve 99.99 per cent purity.  The refined gold was then rolled into sheets before being spent to a spinner at company W.J. Sanders to shape the cup by turning the gold on a lathe.

The gold’s softness had to be maintained during this process in order to avoid cracking, which would have forced the metal to be smelted again.

The handles and other parts of the cup were then produced separately.

“Spinning trophies is rare these days…and for good reason, it’s difficult. There aren’t many Spinners left,” said ABC Bullion senior project manager, Steve Lowden.

The cup has visited 37 countries this year as part of a traditional annual tour, including 400 regional and rural destinations.

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