Caterpillar unveils MD6380 rotary blasthole drill

Caterpillar has launched its new MD6380 rotary blasthole drill, which gives users powerful, precise drilling and highly efficient operation.

Designed for large blasthole production drilling, the MD6380 combines on-board air, feed force and rotary torque with machine mobility.

This drill can handle larger scale mining drilling, featuring a hole diameter range of 251 to 381 millimetres, with a single-pass hole depth of 19.8 metres and a multi-pass hole depth of 39.5 metres.

It is also powered by smart features including drill assist, which delivers automated functions such as auto level, auto retract jacks, auto raise, lower mast and auto drill, all with a drill depth monitoring system to reduce both over and under-drilling.

Caterpillar has described this drill’s working envelope as “best in class”, due to its low centre of gravity and ample approach angles, giving it superior manoeuvrability, for quick hole-to-hole and bench-to-bench navigation.

“The MD6380 powertrain is designed to efficiently manage loads generated by the compressor and hydraulics, delivering superior fuel economy,” Caterpillar stated.

“The MD6380 compressor is configured with electronic regulation and variable volume air control, allowing the driller to perfectly match compressor output to drill tool and application needs.”

With a capable pulldown force of 49,895 kilograms and rotation torque up to 20,880 Newton metres, the MD6380 is both efficient and powerful.

The MD6380 also delivers emissions performance equivalent to US environmental protection authority Tier 2 and EU stage II, with the 3521C diesel engine producing 960 kilowatts.

Troubleshooting the MD6380 is also quick and easy, with the incorporation of Cat electronic technician.

“The MD6380 is controlled through proven Cat electronics,” Caterpillar stated. “Integrated machine protective features and interlocks help keep operators safe and the machine up and running by preventing failures or misuse.”

“With parts, maintenance, services, condition monitoring and component rebuilds, Cat dealers help ensure high productivity and lowest cost per tonne.”

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