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MCA wants service contractors excluded from ‘same job, same pay’ bill

The Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) has joined Australian business executives in asking for the Federal Government’s ‘same job, same pay’ legislation to exclude service contractors.

The MCA recently launched its national media campaign which highlights possible risks related to the ‘same job, same pay’ bill, such as the bill possibly removing flexibility and choice in the workplace, which could threaten jobs and investment, and undermine productivity.

The MCA said in a new statement that service contractors in all sectors of the economy should not be subject to the ‘same job, same pay’ legislation and it should only apply to labour hire where there is evidence to prove there is a problem.

“Service contractors provide specific services and expertise to countless businesses across the economy, as opposed to labour hire, which are businesses that exist to provide workers,” the MCA said.

“The only solution is to have a clear and straightforward definition of a service contractor, excluding those businesses from labour hire. The policy should then only apply to labour hire where the government can prove there is, in fact, a problem.

“The government must listen to the legitimate concerns of all businesses, given the impacts of this proposal reach into all corners of the economy. And it must also be transparent and make public its proposals.”

The statement comes as Workplace Relations Minister Tony Burke recently confirmed that the Federal Government is considering a ‘multifactor’ test put forward by the Australian Resources and Energy Employer Association (AREEA).

“A multifactor test is one of the things that we’re considering as part of ongoing constructive consultation with industry,” Burke had told AFR.

This idea was presented to Burke during a delegation of contractors and senior executives from member companies led by AREEA, another association which raised concerns over the legislation.

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