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Master Drilling debuts remote drilling capabilities

Master Drilling Australia has unveiled its remote drilling capabilities, a versatile innovation implemented to improve vertical development projects and address diverse requirements of mine operators.

“At Master Drilling Australia, we believe in turnkey solutions that adapt to the unique challenges producers face,” Master Drilling general manager – Australasia Josh Sugden said.

“Remote drilling proves our commitment to providing innovative solutions that enhance safety, performance, and efficiency in the mining industry.”

Master Drilling’s remote drilling offers flexibility and immediate impact through:

  • quick implementation: establishing the system is straightforward with minimal requirements, encompassing a site network, camera configuration, proxy sensors, surface hardware, and plug-and-play methodology. The client only needs to provide underground power & fibre connection.
  • improved safety: remote drilling enhances safety by reducing the time personnel spend in an underground environment.
  • increased production time: operating the raise bore rigs remotely from the surface boosts face time by mitigating the effects of unforeseen mine delays and shift changes, enabling uninterrupted 24-hour drilling operations.
  • increased profitability: improved production time will result in shorter project durations, thereby reducing project costs and meeting the demanding schedules of mining operations.
  • decreased fatigue: by reducing time required underground through efficient operations, personnel have a decreased risk of fatigue.
Image: Master Drilling Australia.

The Master Drilling Group has effectively introduced remote drilling operations in South Africa, Peru, and Botswana, yielding favourable results for mine operators.

In Peru, the application of remote drilling spanned two projects, both necessitating shaft diameters of 4.1 metres and depths reaching 183 metres and 112 metres, respectively.

Analysis revealed a remarkable increase of approximately 25 per cent in drilled metres over the project durations, translating to an average of five additional hours of face time per 24-hour period.

This year marks a significant milestone, as Master Drilling Australia will be conducting their first remote drilling project at a New South Wales mine.

With this pioneering venture, Master Drilling Australia is poised to revolutionise the Australian market, setting a benchmark for raise bore drilling operations that are not only more efficient but safer.

Remote drilling offers a cost-effective solution, cutting down project timelines and adapting seamlessly to the unique needs of each client.

To follow along on this innovative journey, Master Drilling Australia will regularly share progress updates on their social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

Through transparent communication of the remote drilling operation’s advancements, Master Drilling Australia aims to foster engagement within the mining community, paving the way for potential future collaborations.

Master Drilling Australia remains dedicated to providing mine operators with adaptable, turnkey solutions. Remote drilling is more than an innovation; it’s a strategic investment in the success and growth of the mining industry.

Get ready to witness a new era of drilling excellence unfold.

For further information on how remote drilling can benefit your operations, please visit the Master Drilling website.

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