Martin Engineering monitors belt cleaner blades with new indicator

Martin Engineering has unveiled a belt cleaner position indicator in a move to continue its leadership in developing conveyor technology.

The indicator, named Martin N2 position indicator (PI) helps track and report the conveyor’s remaining service life.

The PI primarily monitors belt cleaner blades, notifying service technicians and plant operations personnel when re-tensioning or replacement is required.

Around 1000 operating systems are in service, with installations continuing daily.

Martin built the proprietary equipment used to manufacture the PI, which is designed by the engineering team at Martin’s Centre for Innovation.

The PI is manufactured from a proprietary grade of polyurethane that is resistant to bumps, shocks and knocks.

The company stated the PI was just one component of the company’s decades-long push to develop new and evolving technologies to improve bulk material handling and reduce the associated hazards.

“This capability is a true enabler, bringing a number of benefits,” Martin Engineering global marketing director Brad Pronschinske said.

“Belt cleaner inspection time is basically eliminated, as maintenance personnel no longer need to physically view the cleaner to determine the tension or wear status.

“It also reduces the time workers need to spend near the moving conveyor, helping to minimise the potential for accidents.”

The PI can be used as part of a new installation or directly retrofitted to existing mainframes which feature Martin’s replacement blades.

The device can be mounted anywhere between 300-800 metres from the cellular gateway, virtually immune from damage due to its sealed construction.

Managers can quickly access information on any networked cleaner via their mobile phone. Up to 50 units can be monitored by a single gateway connecting to the Internet.

“The system recognises how much rotation is acceptable before tensioner adjustment is required,” Pronschinske explained.

“It allows our service technicians to know exactly when a belt cleaner needs replacement, even before the customer does.

“And if excessive movement is detected on any cleaner, an alarm notice will automatically be sent to alert operators to check it immediately.”

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