Maptek relaunches Orelogy open scheduler

Maptek has upgraded, and relaunched, Orelogy's open scheduler as Maptek Evolution.

The upgraded software, which runs on a cloud-based server, contains strategic, tactical planning, and optimisation tools for preparing development plans and medium to long term mine schedules, Maptek said.

"Processing schedules within a single solution and leveraging the cloud is 10 times faster than traditional methods," Maptek mine scheduling manager, Steve Craig, said.

"Evolution employs cut-off grade optimisation which is the single most effective task that can add value to a project," he said. 

"This optimisation accounts for the complex geo-metallurgical environment, balancing mining, milling and refining capacity constraints to maximise value, and does it extremely efficiently. 

"This complicated process is now encapsulated in a straightforward application, so engineers can readily explore where value can be added to their projects."

The program allows for tactical site simulations, and allows users to generate a production schedule while also optimising the haulage fleet and the shape of waste landforms.

"This results in the optimised allocation of haul routes with calculated cycle times, productivity and fuel burns," Craig said. 

"Scheduling across planning horizons helps operations hit blending targets and meet customer specifications.

"Holistic scheduling ensures optimised haulage routes and grade/tonnage consistency throughout the mine life. 

"Mine planners and management can feel confident that their decisions are based on profitability right from the start of their project. Yet there’s flexibility to adapt to fluctuating commodity prices," he added. 

 The program is designed to be integrated with Maptek's Vulcan mine planning software.

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