Manitou releases new aerial work platform

Manitou has launched its latest aerial work platform, the MAN’GO 12.

According to the company the machine is a diesel boom lift platform capable of lifting workers up to 12 metres high.

Its basket measures 5504 by 1800 millimetres and is capable of holding 2 people at once, or weight up to 230 kilograms, while its compact design allows workers to access a number of restricted work areas without losing in terms of safety or efficiency,

The platform is fully compliant with Australian Standards, and does not require a licence for elevated work platform operations as the boom length is under 11 metres – measuring 9.9 metres exactly, and has a jib length of 1.52 metres.

It features a redesigned lifting structure driven by a single arm and system of fulcrums for improved speed of movement; its transmission is based on the wheel engines which provide all-terrain access while the engine itself is located in the chassis which gives a lower centre of gravity and makes the machine lighter.

The MAN’GO weighs in 3.6 tonnes, and measures 1.8 metres wider – making it 10 centimetres narrower than its competitors according to Manitou – which provides easier restricted environment access, while the machine is equipped with a single joystick to lift the structure.

"We really wanted to respond to a requirement with a dedicated technical solution. Each function has been completely redesigned, without any inhibitions, to offer an appropriate alternative, while of course always keeping in mind the attractive aspect that is sought in economic terms, but also for greater simplicity,” Samuel Viaud, product manager access platforms, said.


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