Macmahon wins Port Hedland highway contract

Macmahon has won the contract to design and construct the Great Northern Realignment out of Port Hedland.

The $220 million contract was awarded by the West Australian Government and consists of the creation of around eight kilometres of new roads, and a major interchange at the Broome turn off.

Other features of the new design include a new road bridge over BHP's iron ore rail line, a level bridge at South Creek, and new intersections.

Macmahon CEO Nick Bowen explained that the contractor is "already maintaining the 2276 kilometre read network across the Pilbara…and as we finish construction of the Great Eastern Roe Highway Interchange, we have the people ready to deliver [the Great Northern Highway realignment]".

The project is scheduled for completion mid next year and will increase road safety, reduced road train conflicts with commuter traffic, and provide better access to new port and harbour areas.

The WA Government announced in April a plan to bury power cables to further reduce road train issues.

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