Lynas to install industrial dryer at Mt Weld

Lynas has received a 14-metre industrial scale dryer at the Mt Weld rare earths deposit in Western Australia that will be added to improve production efficiency.

The fired kiln dryer has been installed to improve the efficiency of producing rare earth concentrate and replacing manual drying of concentrate in the sun.

Lynas vice president of upstream Kam Leung said the dryer will provide several benefits to Mt Weld.

“The use of the dryer at Mt Weld will provide a number of benefits to the Mt Weld operations, including less handling and lower transport costs,” he said.

“It will also result in an improved product for processing and increase opportunities for team members to focus on other projects,” he said.

“We are looking forward to seeing the benefits of reduced moisture levels and to continuing to improve our operations in line with our ongoing commitment to sustainable production.”

The dryer is also expected to bring faster processing and cost savings to Mt Weld, helping reduce moisture levels before shipping.

This results in lower freight costs, improved materials handling and enhanced productivity.

Mt Weld is one of the highest grade rare earth deposits worldwide, with Lynas continuing to seek ways to enhance its operations at the site.

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