Lube system saves haul operator time

As a supplier, when it comes to servicing the mining industry time is of the essence — especially when maintaining heavy-duty trucks and trailer rigs. Jamie Wade writes

Alemite Lubrequip designed heavy-duty lubrication system for drive trucks and triple trailers for a contract coal-haulage and ancillary mining support-service provider in Queensland, and saved them time.

The contract provider LCR Mining operates heavy-duty truck and trailer rigs hauling up to 180 tonnes of coal utilising specially designed C triple side tip trailer combinations.

Alemite Lubrequip national auto lube systems manager John Knight said the lubrication system for LCR Mining’s trucks and trailers were an efficient solution to tedious and laborious hand greasing.

“With more than 160 grease points per truck/trailer combination hand greasing is too time consuming to be done daily,” Knight told Australian Mining.

“Without fresh grease to purge contaminants from bearings, wear will increase reducing the lifespan of components like brake shafts, slack adjusters, cylinder rams etc.

“With automatic lubrication systems, small amounts of fresh lubricant can be added every hour of operation ensuring that contaminants are kept excluded from bearings and other key components by a collar of fresh grease.”

In this way, says Knight, wear and tear is kept to an absolute minimum and mechanical components can achieve their maximum life.

“The equipment can be kept in production longer saving maintenance resources for more important jobs other than greasing,” he said.

Alemite Lubrequip supplied LCR with a Beka Max lubrication system that uses a 12vdc electric operated pump with progressive divider valves.

“The system develops up to 4,200 psi of grease pressure and uses standard heavy-duty workshop grade (NGLI#2) grease. The compact high performance Beka Max systems are ideal for truck and trailer operations like LCR Mining,” Knight said.

“Greasing is now on a set time interval and assists in reducing greasing related downtime issues. Reservoirs need weekly or fortnightly topping up and the occasional broken lines are repaired on the spot with reusable hose ends and compression fittings.

“The Beka Max progressive distribution system ensures that if any point on the chassis does not accept grease, the pump will give a visual alarm. This ensures that with a glance, you know that EVERY grease point is receiving its correct amount of lubrication,” Knight said.

Alemite Lubrequip is the Australian Beka Max agent and has been designing and supplying automatic greasing systems for over 35 years.

Key contact:

Mark Williamson

National Sales and Marketing Manager

Alemite Lubrequip

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