Looking beyond: From materials handling optimisation to XR technology

The mining industry has been built by engineers pioneering progress, fusing technology with tradition. But to make the next leap, there needs to be an investment in professional development away from the office.

From September 5–7, engineers will gather at the Asia-Pacific International Mining Exhibition (AIMEX) 2023, a gateway to the future of mining innovation.

From cutting-edge technology that reshapes operations to refining and optimising existing systems, AIMEX is a place to discover and learn.

Unveiling the science of bulk materials handling

Bulk materials handling is the lifeblood of the mining industry, ensuring the seamless transportation of valuable minerals from extraction to storage and shipping. But what happens when a belt conveyor system isn’t optimised for the material it’s moving? Dr. Priscilla Freire of TUNRA Bulk Solids, an independent bulk materials testing and consulting company based at the University of Newcastle, sheds light on this critical issue.

“Belt conveyors play a pivotal role in mining operations, necessitating effective design influenced by the material being handled,” Freire said.

“Effective belt conveyor design hinges on understanding both the bulk material’s properties and the engineering of the conveyor system itself.”

TUNRA Bulk Solids will lead an exclusive, free workshop for engineers at AIMEX. This two-stage workshop will first dissect the material properties and the conveyor system components, guiding participants through material-specific issues, and then offer insights into belt and idler testing to optimise conveyor design. This unique training hasn’t been presented in other TUNRA Bulk Solids courses.

Elevating engineering expertise with XR technology

Ever wondered how extended reality (XR) technology could revolutionise your mining operations? Imagine accessing infinite training sessions at no extra cost, conducting remote site inductions, or exploring hazardous scenarios safely in the digital realm. Viewport’s XR and VR technology empowers engineers like never before and will be on display at this year’s AIMEX exhibition.

“Viewport delivers products that decrease cost and increase sales. Everything we design and build for our clients has a clear target of ROI,” Viewpoint chief executive officer Julius Jeppe said.

This sentiment underscores the tangible impact XR technology has on engineering efficiency and performance.

Viewport is excited to debut its cutting-edge XR technology at AIMEX 2023. Engage with holographic sales tools, soft skills training modules, and on-site familiarisation experiences tailored to your engineering needs.

Ideas intertwining at the AIMEX Conference

Alongside the 250+ exhibitors at the exhibition, professional development at workshops and the convergence of networking events at AIMEX, free registration for AIMEX also allows access to the conference. With 25 industry leaders presenting across keynotes and panel discussions, the conference promises to tackle the questions that shape the future of mining.

Day one grapples with decarbonisation, featuring panel discussions with experts from METS Ignited, Australian Hydrogen Council, ISN, and the International Copper Association Australia.

Day two ventures into technical innovation, unveiling insights from academic experts and industry pioneers. The final day dives deep into ESG, with conversations encompassing renewable integration, circular economies, and technology’s pivotal role in sustainability.

From fine-tuning materials handling techniques to embracing XR’s transformational power and engaging in industry-defining discussions, AIMEX 2023 is the stage where your expertise meets the next wave of progress.

Look beyond the everyday and discover what’s possible in the future of mining. Secure your free registration for AIMEX.

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