LOCTITE PC 7218: The epoxy-based hero for industrial protection

Henkel, a global leader in adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings, has announced the launch of an improved formula of its LOCTITE PC 7218 wearing compound.

This epoxy-based surface coating, locally produced in Australia, offers exceptional protection against coarse particle abrasion, erosion, and is ideal for rebuilding worn parts. With a focus on environmental safety and worker well-being, this advanced solution is set to level-up the extraction and haulage industry.

The enhanced LOCTITE PC 7218 wearing compound provides numerous benefits for businesses operating in demanding sectors such as mining, power, steel, and cement.

Its two-part grey epoxy formulation ensures optimal performance in extreme conditions, safeguarding crucial equipment and machinery. It is designed for parts such as cyclones, separator bodies, dust collectors, exhausters, pump liners, impellers, fan blades and housings, chutes, hoppers, and elbows and transition points.

LOCTITE PC 7218 is a 2two-part, grey, ceramic-filled, trowelable, epoxy-based surface coating designed to protect parts from coarse particle abrasion or erosion on metals (with or without chemical attack).

Designed for the most demanding industries to form a protective barrier that prevents wear that can extend the life of critical equipment up to three times versus competitive products, due to faster curing and superior abrasion resistance.

Powered by LOCTITE’s expertise in industrial maintenance and innovative technologies.

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