LNP leads Labor on election eve

The latest Galaxy Poll shows the LNP is leading Labor 51% to 49%, on a two party preferred basis.

Labour’s primary vote remained on 40%, while the LNP has 43%.

The result could be enough to tip Labor from office, but might not allow the LNP to form a majority in the Government.

The latest Newspoll showed similar results, also putting the Liberal Party 51% to 49% ahead of Labor on a two party preferred basis.

LNP Leader Lawrence Springborg will campaign in and around Brisbane for the third day in a row today while Queensland Premier Anna Bligh is on the Gold Coast this morning.

Bligh said it is going to be tight.

“These polls confirm all of the other published polls – what they show is that the vote hasn’t moved very much for either side in the last three to four weeks and that there is a very, very clear choice for the people,” she said.

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