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Webinar recording: Leveraging reality modelling to transform mine planning and operation

Like many other industries, the mining industry continues to invest heavily into automation and innovative technologies that optimise operational costs and reduce the level of human intervention.

Traditional survey techniques in mining involve laser scanning the site, but this is typically labour intensive, costly and impractical for inaccessible areas.

The rise of drones in recent years, combined with photogrammetry software like ContextCapture (which can immediately generate ready-to-use 3D data) provides a simpler and more reliable workflow to capture 3D data, resulting in increased efficiency of survey operations.

In this webinar, we looked at the various uses of this technology and how it can be applied to your existing workflows such as mine site planning, monitoring inventories and stockpiles, checking for potential geotechnical issues, and disaster response planning.

This webinar covers the following topics:

• How Bentley’s photogrammetry software, ContextCapture, is being
used for large scale mine surveying and mine planning operations

• Best practices for data capture to achieve high fidelity 3D models of
open-pit mines

• Use cases from existing customers in the mining industry in Australia


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