Liebherr’s latest autonomous solutions unlock value for customers


Liebherr has premiered its new Mining Technology Product portfolio at MINExpo 2021, comprising new autonomous haulage solutions and excavator automation with a focus on safety and productivity.

Showcasing the flexibility and scalability of its range of equipment, technology and services, the Liebherr portfolio includes machine automation, digital services and assistance systems, and on-board analytics product lines.

Liebherr’s autonomous haulage solution is the next generation of on-board intelligence system, reducing the dependency on site infrastructure and paving the way for increased safety and productivity.

The autonomous solutions provide an eight-layer safety concept in combination with the latest on-board perception technologies for long-range, high-resolution and 360-degree coverage.

Boasting vehicle-to-vehicle technologies, load area path planning capabilities are also built in to optimise traffic flow.

Liebherr’s interoperable autonomy products have the capability to interface with multiple traffic and fleet management systems.

Through Liebherr’s open software interface, customers will be able to choose their preferred traffic management solution, but also enable autonomous machines, including autonomous light vehicles, to coexist within a common autonomous ecosystem.

Liebherr has announced a partnership with technology innovators Hexagon that will see the latter’s autonomous mission management system compliment Liebherr’s mine automation options as part of the open software interface.

“From the beginning, our approach has focused on developing machine automation solutions that are truly interoperable,” Liebherr Mining head of product management – mining trucks Scott Bellamy said.

“As a result, our system architectures enable seamless integration at multiple layers to unlock value for customers that has not been possible until now. We’re looking forward to making some more exciting announcements in that regard as we continue to work with our business partners to deliver the next generation of machine automation.”

Liebherr also revealed its new suite of excavator automations, spanning on-board control systems to provide semi-automatic machine functions that support operational productivity, consistency and safety performance.​

Liebherr dozers will also boast a new remote control teleoperation system to increase operational safety, comfort and productivity in challenging and dangerous work conditions.

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