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Latrobe Magnesium celebrates sustainable milestone

Latrobe Magnesium (LMG) has produced first magnesium oxide (MgO) from brown coal fly ash, in the feat the miner has dubbed “the first in the world”.

Fly ash is a waste resource from brown coal power generation and produces environmentally sustainable MgO.

“We are incredibly proud of the results from our demonstration plant and the achievement of MgO production,” LMG chief executive officer David Paterson said. “The world’s first flow sheet using a hydromet process is a testament to our technology, our staff and contractors involved in the process to date.

“As the only new Western producer, the importance of Latrobe Magnesium’s production is globally significant, and this achievement validates our patented hydrometallurgical technology and years of research and development to get to this stage.”

LMG processes 100 per cent of the fly ash feed material to produce five byproducts with no further downstream waste or tailings.

With demand for magnesium only expected to grow, LMG is looking forward to producing more environmentally-friendly product.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the aforementioned employees and contractors, who have worked tirelessly to make this achievement possible and look forward to our continued success,” Paterson said.

Converting nearly 100 per cent of unwanted waste resource into saleable products, LMG’s low-emission process produces magnesium metal with accompanying valuable secondary products at no incremental cost.

LMG’s patented process not only reduces the operating cost of traditional magnesium and cement production methods but simultaneously reduces carbon emissions by as much as 60 per cent.

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