Kal Tire launches program to provide greener tyres

Kal Tire is helping its customers monitor their environmental impact with the launch of the Maple program.

The Maple program calculates the fuel and carbon emissions saved by re-treading earthmovers compared with buying new tyres.

Using data from Kal Tire’s new carbon calculator, customers are awarded one to five stars according to the percentage of their fleet running on re-treads.

The Vernon-based British Columbian company has already launched the Maple program in Chile and the United Kingdom, with plans to roll out in its other operating regions.

Kal Tire mining tire group vice president, tyre lifetime services and vice president for European and West African operations, Darren Flint, said re-treading tyres was not just better for the environment, it also reduced operating costs.

“Re-treading reduces a tyre’s operating cost per hour, and it has become increasingly important to customers to reduce their impact on the environment,” Flint said.

“We look forward to providing customers with actual data on the environmental savings they achieve.

“Our core goal throughout all operations is to prolong the life of the tyres that keep our customers’ fleets running.

“The Maple program for re-treads is just the first step in ensuring the environmental benefit of keeping tyres rolling and out of scrap piles is both recognised and appreciated.”

Kal Tire’s carbon calculator is the result of two years of research and development, which included analysing more than 125,000 re-treading production records from the past 20 years.

The company began offering re-treads in the 1970s and is looking at incorporating other environmentally friendly tyre options, including its Ultra Repair technology for repairing broken tyres that would usually be scrapped.

Kal Tire re-treading facilities will be based in Canada, United Kingdom, West Africa, Chile and its newest re-tread facility that will open in Mexico later this month.

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